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Something you should be aware of – I’m just passing this on as it was relayed to me.  A couple weeks ago I saw the police out by the entry way and there were two ATV’s out there too.  I was going to town – so I never paid it too much attention.  Apparently the local Cass Country Sherriff stopped two 4-wheelers with eleven kids riding on them.  That’s right, eleven people on two ATV’s.  Apparently there are some new guidelines that the Sherriff has to follow anytime he makes a stop.  He is now required to call the parents of the kids involved and they have to come pick their kids up.  Yep – that’s right, each of the parents were called and all had to come to the gate entrance to pick their children up.  Since the drivers weren’t of legal age they couldn’t let them leave with the 4-wheelers either.  I guess one of the parents jumped the Sherriff about this being private property and that he didn’t have any authority to stop the kids – and the Sherriff replied, I stopped your kids that were riding between Middle Island and the railroad tracks – which is owned by Burlington – so if you want me to too hold your kids for trespassing on Burlington property I can go that route too.

Like I said – I saw the police car out there but I’ve now heard this story from a couple reliable sources.  Just a FYI.



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Joanne Bronson has taken over as our new “GATE KEEPER” – I’d like to thank Jim Kramer for his four years of service in that role.  Managing cycle times when residents from both North Lake and Middle Island would like to have an event, keeping up with all the new remotes people purchased for themselves and their kids is no easy task.  I would suggest anyone wanting the gate open for a special event contact Joanne at least three days ahead of time (more if possible) to make that happen.  Joanne’s email address is “midlifewif@hotmail.com” – thank you.

-Gary H.

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View from Memorial Bench


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