2022 Lake Rules & Regulations




  1. BOATS


  1. Boats shall be operated no faster than idling speed ½ hour past sun-down to 1/2 hour before sunrise and shall make no wake or excessive noise.


  1. Lot numbers must be displayed on the left side, toward the rear of all motorboats. Boats not displaying a Middle Island lot number are subject to removal from the lake.


  1. All powerboats must travel in a counter clockwise direction (turn to the left). Boats starting skiers shall not cut across the lake, but must follow the shoreline.  Boats in motion may cut across the lake, but must follow the shoreline.  Boats in motion may cut across the lake only after the operator has determined that it will not interfere with the right of way of other boats or skiers.  The back channel is one way.  (See attached Lake Map for approved turnaround areas).


  1. No powerboat shall be operated between a downed skier and the towing boat. The operator of the towing boat of a downed skier is responsible for keeping the ski rope out of the path of the other boats and not interfering with others in returning to the downed skier.  The orange flag must also be displayed.


  1. No powerboat shall follow closer than 150 feet to a skier.


  1. Downed skiers and non-powered boats have the right of way at all times.


  1. When passing another boat, pass to the deep-water side (to the left).




  1. Powerboats and skiers shall travel at least 50 feet from shore. Powerboats with skiers shall travel down the middle of the back channel.


  1. Slow cruising boats, including canoes, paddleboats, and non-motor boats shall stay close to shore unless crossing and are to keep toward the shoreline leaving the middle for skiers.


  1. Inflatable items sold for towing purposes must have 60 feet or less of towline.


  1. Standing in boats, sitting with legs extended over the edges of boats and overloading boats is dangerous and is prohibited conduct. No one shall be on the front deck of a pontoon traveling at a speed faster than idle.


  1. No boat operators, passengers or water skiers shall conduct them- selves in such a way as to cause hazard or damage to the person or property of others.


  1. Pontoon boat motors are limited to 90 hp or less and a maximum length of 24 feet and/or a maximum dry weight of 2,400 lbs.


  1. Speedboat motors are limited to 150 hp or less and must not exceed the total weight limitations listed below, and are to be out- boards only. However, direct-drive boats and outboard boats must meet AWSA guidelines (American Water-Skiing Assoc.) and are exempt from the horsepower limitation. Direct drive boats are limited to a maximum length of 22 feet and/or a maximum dry weight of 3,200 lbs.  Inboards/outboards (I-O’s) are prohibited.


  1. All boats may not exceed the manufacturer’s specifications of maxi-mum capacity on the boat.


  1. Absolutely no guest boats shall be allowed on the lake.


  1. No water sacks or devices to increase wake of the boat are allowed to be used on the lake.


  1. Only two powered boats per lot are allowed to operate on the lake at one time, with only one of those boats pulling a skier or tuber.






  1. Boat drivers must be 16 years of age or older to drive without adult supervision (supervision means someone 18 years of age or older on board). All boat drivers must complete a Boating Safety course and be in possession of a course certificate (or have one on file with the association secretary). Lessor also requires all boat operators to show proof of completion of a Boating Safety Course to South Bend Lake’s Association (formerly NebCo). Failure to submit a certificate will result in suspension of boating privileges for said individual.


  1. Watercraft excluded from use on Middle Island Lake include: personal watercraft such as wave runners and jet skis, V drives, Inboard/ Outboards, Tritoons, Jet boats, Hovercraft and Airboats.


  1. All boats when pulling a person on skis, surfboards or similar devices and not equipped with a wide-angle rear viewing mirror, must have a responsible person, 12 years or older, as an observer in the boat with the operator.


  1. No wake, idle speed only, as you pass under the bridge.


  1. Boating is otherwise governed by the Nebraska State Boating Rules.


  1. A non-permanent slalom ski course is allowed Monday through Friday year-round. It will be removed every Saturday, Sunday and on holi- days year round.


  2. No one shall swim or float more than 25 feet from the shore.
  3. Jumping off of the bridge onto Middle Island is prohibited.




  1. Fishing is permitted only by lot owners and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by the lot owner or the lot owner’s immediate family.


  1. Fishing is governed by all Nebraska State laws and regulations.


  1. Please respect lot owners’ requests not to fish in swimming areas or activity areas when owners or guests are present.








  1. Catch and release rules:


  1. Each fisher may catch and keep one walleye and one wiper per day per person until further notice.


  1. Catch and release all crappie less than 11 inches.


  1. Catch and release of bass is encouraged.


  1. Blue gill – 9-inch limit.


  1. Catfish – no limit placed.


  1. All trash fish – please do not return to the lake, release in river or to trash can.


  1. Placement of items for fish habitat in the lake is not allowed without prior approval of the Middle Island Board of Directors.




  1. A chain will be kept across the boat ramp to prevent non-association watercraft from entering the lake. Members will be notified of the combination.


  1. All boats that will be using the lake must be inspected by a member of the boating committee prior to being placed on the lake and place a Middle Island Lake Association sticker on the port side of the vessel or windshield to show completion of inspection.


  1. All future purchases of watercraft by association members to be used on Middle Island Lake must meet the boat size and type guidelines in the Middle Island Lake Association Rules & Regulations. Any member who sells their home may only include their watercraft in the sale if it meets these regulations.


  1. A quarantine of 5 days will be enforced against any watercraft that has been removed from Middle Island Lake, used on another body of water or newly purchased watercraft. The quarantine starts from the date of return to Middle Island Lake.


  1. Members are required to have a Middle Island sticker and lot number on paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, golf carts, 4 wheelers and other personal motorized vehicles.



  1. Members may not bring sand onto the island without prior approval by

the Board of Directors.


           LAND RULES




  1. No motorized vehicles, including automobiles, shall exceed 20 mph.


  1. No person shall drive an automobile or other vehicle designed for street use unless he or she is licensed to drive said vehicle on public roads in the state of Nebraska. All other rules of the road shall be observed.  All motor vehicles and operators must be in compliance with state laws.


  1. Recreational vehicles or similar off the road vehicles must be muffled and driven so as not to create a nuisance or danger to others or their property and shall be driven on hard surface roads except when used by the residents to groom the beach. These vehicles are to be oper- ated under the same rule governing boating hours (see boating rules A-1).


  1. No dirt bikes will be allowed at any time.


  1. No guest recreational vehicles (i.e. ATVs) or similar off-the-road vehicles are allowed.


  1. Drivers of any motorized vehicle must be 12 or older unless accom-panied/supervised by an adult (16 or older).





  1. At no time shall a lot be used for storage of an automobile or any other vehicle (except boats, boat docks and boat trailers per storage rules #2).


  1. Boats and boat trailers may be stored upon the resident property at any time (NOT on out lots except as designated) and must be completely off the road. Those boats and trailers kept on the property must be maintained in appearance and aesthetics to not detract from the overall surroundings.  If you keep a trailer on your lot it must be moved at least twice a year.



  1. During the winter months (October 1st to May 15th) boats may be

parked on out lots designated by the Board.


  1. Any Lessee wishing to park an RV on an out lot must obtain approval

from the Board at least 2 weeks in advance and duration will be

determined at that time.





  1. Hunting and the use of firearms shall be prohibited on Middle Island property and/or its’ common areas except for varmint control approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. Use of firearms, BB guns and air rifles for target practice is prohibited.



  1. PETS


  1. All household pets shall be in control by owners.


  1. Owners and their guests shall remove any waste deposited by their pets from neighboring lots and common areas.




  1. When using power equipment please respect your neighbors sleeping hours.


  1. No tools / machinery shall be used in the common areas that may cause damage to the common area. Any damage to the common areas by an owner/member, lessee or guest shall be repaired by the owner/member, lessee or guest to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.


  1. TRASH


  1. Trash is picked up (until further notice) on Tuesdays between April 1st and November 1st. Year-round trash services can be obtained for an additional fee.


  1. Residents are to provide contained trash receptacles (i.e. covered trash can or closed trash bag) or use containers supplied by the trash pick-up company.



  1.   No trash (bottles, cans, etc.) shall be thrown into the lake or on sur-

rounding property.


  1. DUES


  1. Annual Lake Association dues are $150.00 (until further notice) and are due January 1st of each year payable to Middle Island Lake Asso- ciation (MILA) and sent to the Board Treasurer or President. A $25 credit will be given to those members who participate in island clean-up day.


  1. All members will share in the cost of repair and maintenance of the water system.


  1. A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed on any lessee who has not paid their annual dues by February 1st of each year. NO BOAT will be allowed on the lake until ALL dues are paid in full.






  1. Proposals for amending Lake Rules and Regulations must be submit-ted in writing along with twenty (20) signatures of lot owners before the matter can be brought to a membership vote.


  1. The Lake Association Board of Directors can send a proposal amend- ment to the membership for voting without obtaining 20 signatures.


  1. When modifications / amendments to the rules are approved by a majority vote of association members, a copy of said modified rules and regulations shall be mailed or emailed (with email receipt verifica-tion) to each owner / member and posted to the Middle Island website.


  1. An owner / member who leases his/her lot to a lessee shall be respon- sible for providing the lessee with a copy of the rules and regulations and of any modification / amendments to said rules and regulations.


  1. Email voting is allowed to address issues that arise between annual meetings at the discretion of the Board of Directors. By-laws may only be changed at Annual Meetings.







Compliance with and enforcement of the Middle Island Lake Association Rules and Regulations is the responsibility of all owners / members and is demonstrated by:


  1. Adhering to Lake Rules.


  1. Ensuring that family members and guests comply with all rules.


  1. Discussing violations with fellow owners / members.


  1. Asking trespassers to leave and calling the Cass County Sheriff if they refuse.


  1. Anyone who is not an owner / member, lessee or guest of an owner / member or lessee is to be a trespasser of Middle Island and shall be prosecuted according.




  1. These rules and regulations have been approved by the members of Middle Island Lake Association.


  1. These rules and regulations are binding on all owners / members, lessees and their guests.


  1. The Board of Directors shall have final authority in determining the appropriate sanction for a rule violation. Sanctions that may be im- posed may include: verbal warnings, written citations, or suspension of lake privileges for a specified period of time.  If necessary, the issue will be taken to the lessor for final arbitration.




These rules and regulations and any amendments thereto are not intended to modify or replace the Protective Covenants of Middle Island Lake Association or lease.












Lake Map