Recommended Seawall Contractors

Here are the recommendations we received for Sea Wall contractors.

Tom was the most recommended as five people suggested him.

Matt Tasler (LOT #48) used this company:

Waterways Construction
5301 W Walker Ave
Lincoln, NE 68524
Oh. 402-719-8973
Joe Márquez
If they want to stop by to inspect the work it would be fine.
Matt Tasler

Tom Stickney from North Lake Lot 87 is doing a sea wall for lot #41 ….probably starting next week. He’s done about a dozen walls.

Tom did the one next door North of us about 8 years ago or so for Tom Petch. He is also doing lots 71 and 94 at North Lake. I plan to look at those two tomorrow and get a better idea of how Tom does his walls.

Tom is also going to clean up our beach and get rid of the vegetation. We still want to dredge but have not found anyone.  A few of the neighbors have discussed dredging as we discussed.

Tom’s cell is (402) 450-5667.

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