FEBRUARY 22, 2011



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Gary Harpster, Bruce Jefferies, Nancy Noonan, Dick Mollner, Mark Dohn and Joanne Bronson.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Greg Walstrom and Randy Noonan.


Gary called the meeting to order.  Bruce made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting, Gary seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.


There was no old business to discuss.




Greg Walstrom discussed the new web page for Middle Island.  We will be able to secure items on the page and make it so that only cabin owners can access that area.  A pass- word would be secured from the Administrator ( Greg Walstrom) and that would allow access to the secure area.  Each cabin owner could also set up their own page and post news and pictures if desired.  The address is  Greg hopes to have it up and running very soon.  Please contact Greg at402-575-1077 if you have any ques-tions.


Greg then presented reports from the Boating and Erosion committee.  See reports in the addendum.  Some of the suggestions from this committee will be put on the ballot for approval by the membership at the annual meeting.


Joanne brought up the road on Middle Island and potholes, cracks and general deteriora-tion.  It was decided that this issue should be discussed at the Annual Meeting.  Gary will talk to Ross about repairing some of the worst spots now.


The Annual Meeting will be June 4th, 2011.  If you have issues or items you wish to put on the agenda please contact Gary Harpster at  402-944-6137.


There being no further business, Gary made a motion to adjourn, Joanne seconded the motion and it unanimously passed.


The next meeting will be held at Gary Hipster’s home Lot #19 on March 29th, 2011.


Submitted by:

Joanne Bronson









Purpose of Committee:


Determine committee responsibility

1.     Review Current Rules and Regulations of Water Rules

2.     Review Boating Practices

3.     Survey Shore Line for Effects of Erosion

4.     Gather information for Board of Directors




Review of Current Rules and Regulations

A.     Boats

1.     Change 9 am to 7am

2 through 7 no changes suggested.

8. Needs to be addressed due to liability issues.

9 through 10 No changes suggested.

ll-12.  Not enforceable as written and needs to be addressed.

13.     Approved Boats:

-  Pontoon boats are limited to maximum length of 24 ft. and/or

   maximum dry weight of 2400 lbs. and motor 90 hp or less.

-         Direct drive boats are limited to a maximum length of 22 ft.                and/or maximum weight of 3200 lbs

-         Power boats with outboard motors are limited to a maximum length of 22 ft. and/or a maximum dry weight of 3200 lbs and motor 140 hp or less.

-         All boats cannot exceed the manufacturer specifications of capacity of persons on the boat.

-         Direct drive and outboard boats must meet AWSA guidelines.

-         No water sacks or devices to increase wake effect of boats.

-         Watercraft excluded from use on the lake:

-         1.  Personal Watercraft                   5.  Jet boats

-               - Wave runners                          6.  Hovercrafts

-              - Jet skis.                                    7.  Airboats

-         2.  V-Drives

-         3.  Inboard/Outboards

-         4.  Tritoons






14.     No changes suggested.

15.     Only two powered boats per lot operating on the lake at the same time.

16.     No changes suggested.

17.     Remove as #13 now identifies unapproved boats.

18 through 22 No changes suggested.





Permanent Boat & Erosion Committee

Elect 4-5 people to serve on the committee

Term 2 years


-         Annual review of guidelines

-         Perform a survey and inspection of boats used on the lake

-         Existing boats that do not meet guidelines will need to be identified

-         Establish rules for grandfathering unapproved boats:

-          Unapproved boats may not be transferred with the sale of a lot

-         Unapproved boats cannot be replaced with another unap-proved boat

-         Educate boat owners of proper operation

-         Enforce and record completion of Boating Safety Course

-         Establish citations for those not following the Boating Rules

-         Any new boats must be inspected and approved by the boating committee prior to being placed in the lake










Main Causes of Shoreline Erosion

-         Size of watercraft

-         Watercraft activity on the lake

-         Elevation of water level

-         Composition of shoreline

-         Wind

-         Rain

-         Snow melt


Action Plans

-  Limits to size of watercrafts

     -  Boat committee has guidelines for size of watercrafts

-  Control watercraft activity level during high water levels

-  Determine lake water level fluctuation for erosion control

     -  Install 6 measurement sticks at various points around lake

     -  Check measurements for one year

     -  Determine high water level – HWL

     -  Determine low water level – LWL

     -  Determine average water level – AWL

     -  AWL to HWL is optimum area for shoreline amendment

-  Perform shoreline survey

     -  Collect survey information to classify shoreline composition

     -  Determine shoreline sensitivity level

     -  Create short term plan for most sensitive shoreline area

     -  Create intermediate plan for moderate sensitive shoreline

     -  Create long term plan for maintenance of all shoreline

-  Educate homeowners and boaters of purpose of committee activity

-  Educate boaters of ways to reduce shoreline erosion


There are lots of options and information for solving shoreline erosion.  Government agencies and municipalities have successful guidelines to use as a reference.  Addressing the issues will decrease overall expense and pre- serve lake quality and property value.