PRESENT - Board Members - Randy Bailey, Bruce Jeffries, Mark Dohn, Johnny Shrunk, Don Jewell, Jim Kramer and Joanne Bronson.  Members - John Shrunk, Roger Othling, and Dennis Franks
The Meeting was called to order by President Randy Bailey.
FIRST AID STATIONS - Joanne Bronson is working on getting supplies to place in the boxes.  Jim Kramer is looking into the cost of galvanized boxes to withstand the weather.  The Bronsons (Lot 29). the Kramers (Lot 34) and the Shrunks (Lot 47) have volunteered to place boxes on their beach side.  We need a volunteer from the bridge end for a box.
SIREN ( on Beer Bottle Beach )- A part on the siren is not working and is being repaired.
FISH STOCKING - Mark Dohn discussed stocking with Tiger Muskies.  The price is $12 per fish for 10-14 inch fish. Bruce Jeffries brought up concerns that this might hurt our bass popula-tion as they would compete for the same feeding area.  The Muskies live longer than wipers, but also get larger ( about 30lb) which would be strong competition for the bass.  We have been paying $1,000 for 500 wipers and 500 walleye.  We have not had the lake environment assessed for several years and there is some concern that if we do not stock the lake well we will begin to lose the good water quality that we have.  In the past we stocked with 1,000 wipers and 1,000 walleye.  At the annual meeting it was decided to only stock with 500 wipers this year.  It was suggested by the board that we investigate if this will harm the integrity of the lake.   Mark Dohn will present information to the members at the next annual meeting regarding stocking with Tiger Muskies.
BOAT STORAGE - The area by North Lake has been cleaned up and there still isn't much room for boat storage.  Randy is going to check with Western Sand  as to possible ways to remedy this problem.  The possibility of putting in a parking area behind the mail boxes was discussed again, but will probably be an expensive proposition.  The possibility of finding an area around South Bend was also discussed.
SLALOM COURSE - It was asked that the rules regarding the slalom course be reworded and then sent to Western Sand to become a permanent part of the by-laws.  The following wording was agreed upon - "A non-permanent slalom ski course is allowed Monday through Friday Year round.  It will be removed Saturday through Sunday and on Holidays year round.
TRASH CANS - Don Jewell will check with Ashland Refuse as to the possibility of getting the large garbage cans for all Middle Island Cabins.  This was promised last year, but never hap-pened.
FLOOD INSURANCE - A bill is being introduced to raise the flood elevation plain by two feet.  This would result in increased insurance premiums and expenses for many people on the islands.  North Lake requested that the board send a letter to Senator Pankonin requesting his assistance in defeating this bill.  Don Jewell presented a letter and all board members agreed to sign.  If you wish you could send a letter too. (see letter below)
VOTING PRIVILEGES - Jim Kramer proposed that we come up with a way at the annual meeting where people who are registered to vote (those with annual dues paid) sign in at the annual meeting and recieve a ballot (one per cabin) to vote.  This way the name and cabin number would not be on the ballot and would make voting more consistent with election regu-lations.  There was also discussion that the dues must be paid at least 2 weeks before the meeting so that we can get an accurate roster of registered voters.
Jim Kramer called to adjourn the meeting and Bruce Jeffries seconded the motion.
The next meeting will be August 25th at Don Jewells home.
minutes submitted by Joanne Bronson. secretary
Dear Senator Pankonin,
     We have heard of plans to raise the flood plain in our area by almost 2 feet.  We live at Middle Island, South Bend, Nebraska.  We are concerned by this proposal as it would raise the cost of flood insurance in our neighborhood substantially in some areas.
     We feel that this increase would be a burden on people that are already struggling to stay in their homes in these economically difficult times.  It would lower the value of our homes because of the increased cost factor, and in turn lower the assessed value of our homes for tax purposes.
     The increase in flood insurance rates could be thousands of dollars a year in some cases, and would probably force some people to go without this valuable coverage.  It would also make our homes more difficult to sell.
     We would appreciate your help in fighting this change in the flood plain.
Thank you,
Middle Island Lake Board of Directors