JULY 27TH, 2010

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Gary Harpster, Dick Mollner, Bruce Jefferies, Nancy Noonan, Don Jewell, Mark Dohn and Joanne Bronson

 MEMBERS PRESENT: Sarah Schrunk and Larry Jacobsen

 Gary called the meeting to order and Don Jewell made a motion to accept the minutes from  June 29th, 2010, Bruce seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


 Don reported that he had visited with Ross about the possibility of blocking water flow from North Lake to Middle Island during high water periods, but found that there is no way to do this at this time.  The possibility of installing a mechanism to facilitate this was discussed by the Board.  Gary will meet with Pat Lemmers and Ross and see what the options might be.

Gary discussed the possibility of having a Toxic Waste pick-up day at the lakes.  We could get rid of paint, batteries, oil, computers, etc.  He will check with North Lake and Middle Island members to see if this would be feasible. 

Larry Jacobsen brought a copy of the Lake Rules and Regulations from 1994 and discussed  the changes that appear to have occurred without proper notification and voting by members.  He gave these rules to Gary, who will copy them, and we will look into the situation.  He specifically brought up pulling more than one skier at a time, which all Board Members agreed is against lake rules. 

The Board Members discussed the continued erosion of the lake and ways to stop this progression.  Bruce Jefferies announced that Troy Weatherbee from Beaver Lake has agreed to look at our lake and give us his opinion on possible solutions. 

Gary announced that the safety committee will consist of Craig Buescher, Adam Petsch, John Schrunk Sr., Dick Mollner and Gary Harpster.  They will be meeting next month. 

Bruce recommended that we get decals to identify member boats, 4-wheelers and golf carts as anyone can put a number on a rogue boat etc.  As an alternative he recommended that we use the NB number to Id boats.  It is often difficult to see a number on a boat, and despite the rules stating the cabin number is required to be placed on boats etc., many members have not complied.Bruce recommended that we put a consistent high water mark by the river side drain.  Many members have questioned the no wake call and complained that they had parties or guests coming to the lake.  This would allow a visual for members to see that the level is too high and would eliminate confusion on no wake enforcement.

Gary recommended we put in a light that lights up when the lake has reached the high water level.  He will look into the cost and feasibility of doing this.  It was also suggested that a notice be sent to members when no wake is implemented.

Bruce reported that the fish committee is still gathering data and has no report at this time.   

Don discussed problems with the burn pile – this was intended to be used for burning wood and leaves, but many people are putting personal waste and junk on the pile that will not burn.  Please put only burnable yard waste in the burn pile or we will discontinue this service. 

The board would like to extend our gratitude to ADAM PETSCH and CRAIG BUESCHER for donating their time and heavy equipment to beautifying Middle Island.  We would also like to extend a WELL DONE!!!  and THANK YOU!! to NORTH LAKE and the SHRUNK BAND for a great party and a fabulous time!! 

Mark Dohn reported that the Middle Island account currently has a balance of $5,946.92.  The Beautification Committee account has $1,223.93

With no further business Joanne moved to close the meeting, Don seconded and the motion carried unanimously. 

The next board meeting will be at Don Jewell’s home on August 31st, 2010 at 7:30 p.m.


Submitted by:

Joanne Bronson, Secretary