Present - Board Members - Bruce Jeffries, Jim Kramer, Mark Dohn, John Shrunk, Don Jewell, Randy Bailey and Joanne Bronson. Members - Johnny and Bunny Shrunk

The meeting was called to order by President Randy Bailey.
New Business:
Emails received from cabin owners:
Cheryl Walker reported that her driveway was blocked last year by cars attending parties. She requested that cabin owners be reminded to have their guests avoid blocking access to cabins.
Tom Visty requested that cabin owners be instructed to avoid allowing weeds that have been mowed or pulled to get into the lake.
Several people have complained about loose pets and near misses - it was requested that we remind cabin owners to keep their pets contained.

FLOOD INSURANCE - South Bend is having a town meeting on Wed. 7/1/09 at 6 p.m. to address the new definition for flood plain levels and how it will affect the area. Anyone is welcome to attend.

FIRST AID STATIONS - The stations were discussed and it was decided that boxes will need to be built to house the supplies and then placed on different lots around the lake. Jim Kramer and Bill Bronson will help design and make the boxes. Volunteers are needed to place the boxes. Cabin owners willing to have a station should contact Bruce Jeffries or Joanne Bronson. Joanne volunteered their beach for one station. Joanne and Bruce will meet with North Lake to determine items to include in each box.

ADDRESS SIGNS - The large address signs around the island are available from Sarah Shrunk for $20. These signs make it easier for EMS to find your home if you call them.

No word from North Lake as to the status of the emergency siren at this time.

Don Jewell will get gift certificates for the two new families on the lake to welcome them to our community.

Permission was given to allow an Ice Cream Truck to pass through the islands and sell ice cream.

Many complaints have been received regarding the lack of space in the trailer storage area on North Lake. Western Sand has requested that all items be removed other than Currently used boat trailers. Owners have until July 15th to remove their items. All items which are scheduled of removal are red flagged. We will see if this resolves the trailer parking issue. If it does not it was suggested that we look at the area behind the mailboxes as a possible area to develop for boat storage.

4TH OF JULY SECURITY - Along with North Lake in years passed, we have hired deputy sheriffs to patrol the lakes during the holiday. The deputies have requested, due to increased liability, permission to ticket anyone breaking the law. They will use discretion and only ticket those blatantly breaking the rules. The board voted 6 to 1 (neutral) for giving this permission.
The deputies will be present on the 3rd of July this year.

The question was raised about forming a Boat Safety Committee (as this is looked on favor- ably by Game and Parks) for our lake. It was discussed and recommended that each cabin owner take responsibility for "educating" anyone breaking the rules at the time of the incident to keep our lake safe and accident free.

Mark Dohn brought up stocking the lake with Tiger Muskies instead of wipers as they live longer and do the same job. They do the same job as wipers and like the wipers they do not reproduce. Mark is going to contact the fish stockers and see what will be most cost effec-tive for the lake.

Bruce Jeffries suggested putting a screen over the outflow sluice so that we stop losing the fish that we buy. The Board agreed to this plan.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.
The next meeting will be July 28th at Jim Kramer's home at 7 p. m.

minutes submitted by Joanne Bronson, Secretary