May 4, 2010


PRESENT - BOARD MEMBERS - Randy Bailey, Bruce Jeffries, Don Jewell, Jim Kramer and Joanne Bronson

MEMBERS - Jolene Jeffries, Bunny and John Shrunk, Craig Buescher

 The Meeting was called to order by Randy Bailey.

There was no old Business.


Bunny Shrunk presented the proposed Beautification Committee budget:

     1. Up to $320.00 for the Middle Island sign placement and decorations.

     2. Up to $225.00 for dirt to be distributed around the island as needed.

     3. Up to $100.00 for flowers and plants to be distributed around the island.

The Board approved this budget unanimously.

 The middle Island sign was placed by volunteers including Adam Petsch, Larry Jacobson, Bruce Jeffries, Don Jewell, Dick Molnar and Jim Kramer.  A BIG THANKS  to ADAM who provided equipment to lift and move the sign to it's current location. 


 Lights will be placed by the Beautification  Committee.

 The rest of the meeting was spent discussing proposed changes in the By-laws and Rules and Regulations.  Craig went over each item with the Board members and the Board discussed each area and which items should be taken forward for a vote of the membership.  These changes will be e-mailed to the members prior to the annual meeting and posted on the web site.

 With no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Submitted by Joanne Bronson, Secretary