March30, 2010


PRESENT - Board Members - Randy Bailey, Jim Kramer, Bruce Jeffries, Mark Dohn, Don Jewell and Joanne Bronson

Members - Larry Jacobsen, John Lammel, John and Bunny Shrunk, Craig Buescher and Dick Molnar


Due to a business heavy agenda the discussion went right to New Business.

Randy announced that the Fourth of July Fireworks display will be on July 3rd,2010.  Please send donations for the fireworks to Randy ASAP.  Make checks out to Middle Island Lake Association.

The first aid boxes will be distributed at the annual meeting and placed at the lots previously designated:

Lot 3   - The Baileys                       Lot 34 - The Kramers

Lot 29 -  The Bronsons                    Lot 47 - The Shrunks

Speed Bumps will go in on Memorial Day weekend.

A cell tower will be placed (date not yet announced) close to Platte River State Park.  This will, hopefully, solver our cell phone reception problems.

The Middle Island stone sign will be placed on the North side of the bridge and the beautification committee will help to make it look good.

The annual meeting will be May 22nd, 2010 at 10 a.m. in the South Bend Community Hall.

DUES:  Many people are late paying their annual dues.  It was recommended that a late fee of $25 be instituted on any dues not paid by April.  It was further recommended that if the dues remained unpaid, the cabin owner would be prohibited from placing a boat in the lake until the fees were paid.   This will be brought to the annual meeting for discussion and approval.

North Lake has been looking into a new garbage collector and has gotten a bid from Platte Valley Sanitation.  They would provide us with a 95 gallon capacity tote on wheels.  Randy will send a letter to the members for input on this decision. They also have the option for recycling, for those who desire to participate, at an additional fee.

Bruce mentioned that the gas station in South Bend has a sign posted with hours that a recycling container is placed by Town Hall and could be used  by anyone who desires to drop off recycling.

Randy recommended that we form more committees to help manage the lake and allow for more involvement by members.  Some committee ideas include - budget com., grounds and maintenance com, boating com, lake maintenance com, violations review com., social com.,publication and communication com., and liaison com with South Bend and North Lake.  Any other ideas are welcome.

Discussion of the By-Lawa and Rules and Regulations were discussed by the committee members and recommendations were presented to assure that there are no conflicts within these documents, as well as with our lease.  Craig and John L. will look at these and changes will be presented at the annual meeting for the members to vote.

Bunny Shrunk asked that anyone who would like monies from the beautification committee to improve the island, contact her with their requests.

Mark Dohn gave his research on boats allowed on the lake and recommended the following for speed boats:

 No longer than 20 feet 6 inches long without a platform

2,800 pounds gross weight or less


It was recommended that a committee be formed to assure that we only allow boats that will not harm the integrity of our lake.  Anyone wishing to serve on this committee is welcome.


With no further buiness, the meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting April 20th at Baileys Lot 3 at 7 p.m.

Submitted by Joanne Bronson - Secretary