October 27th, 2009


PRESENT – Board Members – Randy Bailey, Jim Kramer, John Shrunk Jr., Don Jewell and Joanne Bronson

Members – Bunny and John Shrunk Sr., Dick Mollner, Judy Bailey, and Jerry Laughlin


The Meeting was called to order by Randy Bailey.




Jim Kramer reported that the results of the poll of members of Middle Island resulted in a majority requesting that the gate be closed 24/7 during the winter.  He discussed this with North Lake Board members and they reported that the majority want the gate open from 6-8 a.m. Monday through Friday and closed all other hours.  All Board Members present agreed with this schedule.  Beginning 10/27/09 the gate will follow this schedule.  THIS IS FOR THE WINTER ONLY.  Hours for summer will be address in the spring.


Mark Dohn was unable to attend the meeting and asked Randy Bailey to request, on his behalf, that we stock the lake with Tiger Muskies when we stock with Wipers next week.

He has raised $600 to pay for the Muskies.  Jim Kramer discussed that he went on line and investigated the Tiger Muskies and noted that the site said that the Tiger Muskies will “eat anything they can get their mouth on.”  Some members are concerned that they will eat the bass in the lake.  Jim agreed to go to Nebraska Game and Parks and find out what they would recommend.  This motion was tabled until we can get more expert input on this fish.


Jim Kramer and Don Jewell laid some conduit at the end of the Island by the bridge to show where they propose to put the Middle Island sign.  As addressed in earlier minutes, this will be erected to mark the Island entry and several residents have volunteered to provide their skills to make the sign look good.  Adam Petsch has volunteered to move the sign to the new location.


Jim Kramer reported that the boat safety boxes (first aid boxes) are ready and will be placed at the residences noted in the last minutes in the spring.  The cost of the boxes was around $360.  Don Jewell will try to get some reimbursement on this from the Nebraska Boating Safety Department.




Don Jewell reported on a new strain of mussels and snails that are causing extensive damage on lakes and rivers in the U.S.  He stressed that in order to prevent our lake from being contaminated with these and other contaminants we need to wash our boats and trailers before placing them in the lake.  It was also stressed that this is the main reason that we do not allow guest boats in the lake.  He also stressed the the Nebraska Lake

Association recommends that anyone operating a boat needs to take the boat safety



course.  Western Sand and Gravel requires this of all cabin owners.


Judy Bailey requested that she be relieved of her role as web site operator.  The site is not visited by very many people and in the current format is difficult to run.  The software is old and no longer sold and makes it difficult to add things to the site.  She recommended that we form a committee to look into updating and running the site.  John Shrunk Jr. volunteered to head up the committee and he will try to enlist Wendy Lanik and Sarah Shrunk to help him.  Judy will send out an e-mail soliciting volunteers for the committee.

Anyone interested in serving should contact John Shrunk Jr.  The Board would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Judy for all the work she has done on the site.


Don Jewell recommended that we amend rule #13 under boats by deleted the Exception that refers to Larry Jacobsen as he no longer owns the boat.  He also proposed an amend-

ment for boat and boat trailer parking :


Amendment – Boats and boat trailers may be stored upon the premises year round, but must be at least 10 feet off the road.  Under this rule, the boats and trailers must be in good running condition and must be moved at least once every 30 days during the summer months.  The purpose of this rule is to allow easy access to the lake for boats that are taken in and out of the lake on a regular basis.  The lessor, South Bend Lakes Inc., reserves the right to enforce the original terms of the lease as it is written.


Randy Bailey recommended that we form a committee to try to get our rules and regula- tions, our By-Laws and our Lease in sync with each other and with Robert’s Rules of Order.  We have found that it is difficult to change anything or make needed amendments in the current status.  John Shrunk Jr. also noted that the By-Laws and Rules and Regs. Contradict each other in some situations.  The committee will be chaired by John Shrunk Jr.  Other members will include John Shrunk Sr., Joanne Bronson and John will request that Craig Buescher join the committee also.  The committee will try to have a report for the next meeting.


There being no further business, Randy Bailey called for adjournment and Jim Kramer seconded the motion.


The next meeting will be January 26th, 2010 at Randy Bailey’s home at 7:00 p.m.


Submitted by Joanne Bronson, Secretary